Thursday, January 18, 2018

Bible Study

I don't know about you folks, but I get super excited to start a new Bible study.  I know that some are easier than others, but it is amazing how God works through us in every study that we do.  Today I started the study  Discerning The Voice of God by Priscilla Shirer  so far it is amazing.  

Friday, January 12, 2018

Lady Luck Invitational

It is that time of year again........Gymnastics competition season.  We drove over to Las Vegas last night for Hannah's first meet today.  Hannah did a really good job today.  The first competition is always rough working out all the jitter bugs.  Hannah is level 7 this year.   This meet was held at the South Point Hotel and Casino "Lady Lucky Invitational".  Hannah's luck was as follows:  Beam 9.150 she did have one fall. :( Floor routine was impressive 9.450.  Vault is always her hardest event 8.750.  Bars was an 8.750.  She had a fall on bars also.  Hannah had an overall score of 36.10.  She was pretty upset with herself today for all her little mistakes, but those mistakes is what makes you better.   Next meet will be in two weeks............ New York City get ready for American Kids Gymnastic Optional Team.

We found the sign!

All checked in and ready to go!!

Our Level 7's getting ready for their first meet.

 When you find your teammates at the Barstow Station you have to get a picture!  Hannah has been in gym with these gals for about 6 years.  These three have grown up doing gymnastics together.  It is so much fun watching them together.  









9th place for Beam

Thursday, January 11, 2018

18 months

This little dude entered our lives 18 months ago.  Everyone has told me that being a grandma is one of the best things in the world.  You know what folks they were right.  It is hard to believe that this cute little guy is 18 months.  One of the major draw backs to being a MIMI right now is they live 4 hours away, but thank goodness for technology.  We have started to face time with the kids more so that helps.  Archer Jacob this Mimi loves you a bunch.

Photo credit to mama in a text message today!

10 year old questions

As many of you know, Hannah is attending Legacy Christian Academy this year for school and she is doing amazing.  I could not be more proud of her, as she has grown so much this semester. Hannah came home from school one day with what I thought was going to be a crazy fun writing assignment,  but Hannah turned it into a serious topic that was tugging at her heart for awhile.  I want everyone to know that David and I DID NOT help her with any of this paper.  Below I have retyped her story.

Back to China 

          One day I was walking along Avila Beach exploring for seashells.  One shell I found on the inside it had buttons.  I pushed on a random button and an enormous gray and rustic machine appeared.  I stepped closer to the machine and then a voice echoed " Who dare to awaken me?" "It is I Hannah Williams."
          "I noticed you are a time machine." "May I have your approval to ride upon on?' Yes, but first you must answer my riddle. 'What occurs once in a minute twice in a moment but never in a thousand years?' "Hmmm an hour, when you meet a time machine, Hmmm ooh the letter M? CORRECT you have my approval!
           Now where and when might you want to go?  Hmmmm I want to go to Maoming, China in 2006.  Your wish is my command.  Then at that moment the wind began to howl.  Then the machine started to shake like an earthquake.  I closed my eyes thinking I am going to die.  But to my surprise I was alive and in a rice field and you know what this rice field was in Maoming, China.
          The first thing I did was explain my story to the first person I saw, but all she did was stare at me.  Then I realized I didn't speak Chinese.  I searched around fore someone who spoke my language.  I managed to find somebody, but she seemed to know me.  She cocked her head and stared at me.
           I asked "do you know me"?  Then she looked away solemnly.  Then she said "I am your mother." I gasped at the thought and the sight of my mother then I turned my head.  I gave a quick prayer to give me courage for the questions I have longed for answers.  I turned back towards her and gave her a hug doing so I stared to cry.
          Later we walked to her house silently.  The whole time I was thinking I'm inside her stomach right now.  I was rounding up my thoughts and thinking does she know she's going to abandon me? Does she know I'm going to be born with a cleft lip? When we reach her house I asked her my list of questions.  I got some answers, but I wanted her to know that I am going to be okay. I will be adopted into a loving home. "One thing I want to tell you is about my God. If you believe in him you will see me in heaven.
         I just want you to knowI will be praying for you.  I love you always.  Just remember I'm OKAY.  Then a loud voice sounded again and said "times up we must go."  I watched her as I disappeared up into the air back to my family.
The End

Happy New Year!

It has been a very long while since I have posted on our blog.  It is hard to believe that 2017 has come and gone. My goal for this next year is to keep this blog up to date with what's happening in The Williams Family.

Photo by: Archer Inspired Photography

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

World Adoption Day

   As many of you may know, November is World Adoption month.  After all of these years, I realized I haven't really shared my personal story and feelings regarding adoption.  I will try to make this short...
   About thirty years ago when I was in high school I was diagnosed with endometriosis and ovarian cysts.  I will never forget that awful afternoon sitting in the doctors office being told that I would never birth a child of my own.  At that point I was sixteen years old and I wasn't even thinking about having kids yet.  It was always in my heart to be a mama to lots of kids, so being told this stung really bad.  I felt the world crashing in around me, thinking that I would never be a mama, or what guy would want me because I could not provide a baby for him.  I began to question God and wondering, why was I going through this, but through it all I never lost site that God had a plan for me.  I think the hardest part through all of this was waiting and wondering what was going to happen to me and my life.
   Then, one Sunday night I was sitting alone and watching TV. There was a documentary on regarding China and how they treated their women and little girls.  It was filled with sadness and these women meant nothing to their country.   They started talking about how they were abandoning their little girls and orphanages were beginning to fill up with all these unwanted girls.  I knew at that moment God was speaking to me and saying, This is how you will be a mama.  You will adopt!! I had a peace that overwhelmed me that is so hard to explain. The only thing that I can say is God placed that unconditional love and peace in my heart.  I am not saying that I still had doubts and fears, but it was always in God's hands.  I began at that very moment praying for a little girl that would someday become my daughter.  I had no idea when or where, but I knew it would happen.
   A few years later I met and started dating my best friend and the love of my life, David. While dating we talked about our future and I had to tell him that if we were to get married, we may never have a child of our own.  I think the most precious and reassuring words I have ever heard where I am not marring you for children, I am marring you for you!  It made me think again at how Christ loves us for who we are, no matter whats wrong with us. I expressed to David that my heart is in adoption.  We still at this point didn't know when or where, but we knew it was going to happen.
   A couple years after we were married, God showed us He has a really funny sense of humor! I became pregnant.  Hooray for us! But I was very angry about this.  I think I was so mad, because I had grieved so much about never having a baby of my own I wasn't looking at the situation correctly. I should have been looking at it as a miracle from God.  You know those moments in life when your spouse puts you in check? I had one of those moments.  I remember crying on David's shoulder and he just held me.  After I had my crying spell, he looked at me and said, "You need to be thanking God for this baby that you never thought you would have."  WOW, talk about a reality check.  We had a beautiful baby boy who was born on my 22 birthday.  God had given us our first child.
   We still had no idea if I would be able to have another child, but we knew God was in control of our lives and who was going to be in it.  God knew how many children we were going to have and when. Two years later God blessed us with another child that I was able to carry.  We had a cute baby girl. God had given us our second child.
   A few years had passed, and my heart was still yearning for another child and I knew that baby was in China. I had talked to David about it and we prayed for God's guidance about another child, but we still had no idea when He would open this door and this child would be placed in our life. Several years later, in February of 2006, our lives changed forever when we met a baby girl that had just been adopted from China.  God spoke to us through this little girl named Ellie Lou.  She was so cute.  We knew at that moment we needed to start our adoption journey.  We knew God was saying your baby is out there waiting for you, but just be patient, this journey is long.  We filled out lots of paperwork, went through a detailed interview process, and background check after background check, and waited patiently for our soon to be daughter. This journey of adoption was over a two year process.
   We got our call for our daughter on April 15, 2008.  I think when you first see that picture of your child, you just know that God is and has always been faithful through this whole process. I just knew that she was our baby girl, thousands of miles away, just waiting for a forever mama and daddy.  We still had to wait a couple of more months before we could go get her.  Those last months were hard, but I knew God had His hands on our little girl the whole time.
   Our little one was placed in our arms on July 7, 2008.  God had given us our third child.  Hannah's life was forever changed at that moment.  She now had a FOREVER family that would love her unconditionally for the rest of her life. I think for me, through this whole process God taught me that you don't have to be blood to be a family.  There are so many children that need a forever mama and daddy.  Hannah is an amazing child and a true gift from God.  The Chinese always say when a child is adopted "Lucky Baby", but I think David and I are the lucky ones. Looking at what Hannah had and has come from, we are the lucky ones.  These children like her just want to be loved.  If you have love and are even thinking about adoption, just pray and let God lead.  God will guide in what direction you need to go.  There is a whole wide world that is filled with children that need a family.

Every child deserves a forever family!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Annual UCLA appointment

Today was Hannah's annual craniofacial team appointment.  This appointment is about 3 to 4 hours long.  When she has these appointments we turn it into a fun day.  We went to breakfast before her appointment to get our tummies full before sitting in an room for 3 plus hours.  Hannah saw 6 different doctors today.  The pediatrician said she looks great and is growing right on target.  She did say that according to the grown chart Hannah is just going to be a little petite cute lady. We were very please with her appointment today.  We go back next November for the next big checkup , but Hannah will still have monthly orthodontist appointments.
 Breakfast at Black Bear Diner
 On our way to UCLA
 Blood Pressure, Height, Weight time
Gymnastics and school work while waiting for all the doctors

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Build God's Kingdom

I know that we all have had different views on this election, but the above video is a great listen for what we are dealing with in this nation.  This election has brought out a lot of hate and ugliness from all sides.  At the end of this election I think we should all focus on rebuilding this nation with Godly attitude.  We need to live our lives for HIM and make changes as Christians. If the devil can work so delicately to corrupt American then it's time to take a stand and BUILD GODS kingdom here.  As we all wake up in the morning no matter who our new president is we must focus on the KING of KINGS.  ----Emily

We Voted!

David and I had the opportunity to help our oldest daughter with her absentee ballot.  Where we live there is not a polling station, so we get our ballots in the mail. We went over every proposition and candidates.  It may have taken forever, but that's okay.  Emily was able to ask lots of questions and express her opinion. It was exciting to see her experience this for the first time.  Even at the age of 21 she was very eager to have our help with this.  When we were all done she said it is very overwhelming with all the details that that write in the laws that can be very misleading. Our ballots are signed and will be delivered first thing this morning. It is our duty as American citizens to vote. So go out and vote today.

Monday, November 7, 2016

Our Sunday Afternoon Project

We had a little project that we needed to do yesterday afternoon.  We have lived in our house for almost thirteen years.  My husband has always wanted a flag pole for our yard.  Well, he finally was able to find the one he liked and at a good price.  David took this opportunity to teach Hannah some concrete skills.  She had a blast spraying water in the wheel barrow for her daddy. David and I try to take every opportunity to teach our kids a skill such as mixing concrete, cooking, taking care of pets etc.. I love to watch her learn and expand her horizons in learning.   

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

It seems that life has been so fast paced lately, that we forget to take some time to detox from the hustle and bustle of life. Yesterday afternoon I found a craft project that I bought in the dollar section for Hannah to do last year for Thanksgiving.  Well why not do it a year later RIGHT?  As we go through our everyday routine with our kids I think we forget how much technology is around them.  I know if we didn't put time limits on Hannah she would be on her IPad all day long.  Yesterday was a semi no tech day around here.  Hannah was able to have her IPad to listen to music, but no games.  I have to say she looked at me kind of strange when I ask her if she wanted to paint a turkey.  When she opened the package up she was all smiles with the little paint brush and paints.  She had so much fun learning how to paint and creating what her turkey was going to look like.  I think we need to do our kids a favor once in awhile and take the technology away and teach them something new and fun.  I know I had fun helping her and watching her imagination run wild with creative.  During this time it also gives our kids a chance to just talk, sing and express what they like. I think we will be having more of these afternoons at our house!

I am back!

It has been over a year since I have been on our blog.  Life has been very crazy for our family.  I am hoping to post on here often from now on.  I use this blog as a scrapbook of sorts for our kids.  To be real honest I have had no motivation to post much, but yesterday as Hannah was doing a craft project it hit me like a ton of bricks that I am cheating her out of these post that she can look back on.  I haven't posted faithfully for almost three years.  It breaks my heart because so much has happened that needs to me documented. So get ready world I am back to document our families journey through life.  

Monday, September 28, 2015

Maps & Clothes

I have been selling Hannah's clothes that she has out grown on this fun app called totspot. If you all know me everything has to be a learning lesson. I found a very old atlas laying around our house. I am teaching Hannah how to read a map and track her clothes across the United States. She has about six different states that her old clothes are in. I love teaching her new stuff! She is learning and so am I!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Growing up too fast

When I look at her I see a little itty bitty scared baby that was placed in my arms seven years ago. Today when I walked into the kitchen and she was up at the stove making herself a bowl of oatmeal. WOW where did the time go? I have a little girl who is growing up before my eyes. She is learning something new everyday. God is going to do amazing things in her life. One of my favorite things is the one on one time we get in the car going to gymnastics. Somedays we talk the whole way, others maybe listening to praise and worship songs singing along or sometimes Hannah reads the whole way.  I think God blessed us with amazing children to raise for him. I love being their mom!